Private Sessions

Private Sessions are designed to nurture your unique needs, unlocking the direct path to your emotional harmony, physical vitality, and energetic balance. Yoselyn uses diverse protocols that can target multiple ailments and pains.
These sessions are also designed to support your mental health where chronic stress, anxiety and depression can be greatly relieved.

You can choose between single sessions or one of the offered packages of 3, 6 and 9 sessions where together you and Yoselyn determine where this frequency healing can support you best.

Yoselyn works on two focus groups; Adults and Children. A private Sound Healing session may vary in duration between an Adult and a Child, but the protocols, care and unique support all remain the same to target each patient's specific needs.

Book a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and what type of session can provide the most for you or your loved one.

Book a complimentary consultation

Before scheduling an appointment, we'll gather on Zoom to discuss your current state of health and specific needs. This will help in preparation for the in-person session.