Group Sessions

Group Sessions are designed to enhance and harmonize the group's energetic and mental awareness. Yoselyn and Lotus work on frequency patterns that promote physical vitality and energetic balance. They both use diverse protocols that can target multiple ailments and ease stress and anxiety throughout the session.
These sessions are also designed to support your mental health where chronic stress and anxiety are reduced. The session also considers any specific focus points the group may be working through if this is for a retreat or a special occasion.

Evolucion Sonora travels throughout Costa Rice bringing Sound Healing to every town they cross. Sound Healing Sessions can be scheduled in any location of your choosing as long as safety, cleanliness and privacy are guaranteed during the session time.

Book a free consultation to discuss your group's goals and desires for the Sound Therapy.

Book a complimentary consultation

Before scheduling an appointment, we'll gather on Zoom to discuss your current state of health and specific needs. This will help in preparation for the in-person session.